Monday, December 17, 2012

SkourasDent, the Dental Practice

                                                       THE DENTAL PRACTICE
The Insider magazine explores the innovative world of cosmetic dentistry at SkourasDent
Well-established dentist Dr. Theodora Skoura knows a thing or two about beautiful people.

After all, as one of the VIPs’ favourite dentists, she has contributed to some of those glamorous smiles which grace the silver screen and the high class receptions.
 Situated next to the luxurious  Hilton hotel, her practice has been at the forefront of the cosmetic dentistry for many years
A dental appointment here is an altogether pleasant experience. A strong emphasis is placed on personal attention: this practice treats people rather than mouths.

 Dr. Theodora Skoura believes that each individual has different needs as regards dental health and she makes sure these are met. A good listener, she is committed to the well-being of her patients. 

Using the most modern technology in a comfortable and soothing environment means that treatment, routine or cosmetic, is completely anxiety-free and, the practice’s no-waiting policy ensures that clients are seen on time and at their convenience. The experienced practice hygienist helps patients to keep breath fresh and gums in first class condition.

Fortunately for most, top quality dentistry is no longer just for film stars of the rich and famous, but available to virtually everyone. These innovative dental techniques undoubtedly create a more youthful and attractive appearance, and they are perfectly safe and healthy. 

Veneers, for instance, can correct damaged, discoloured or crooked teeth, and implants, which are neither as painful or as complicated as they sound, often offer a comfortable and reliable alternative to dentures or missing teeth. Crowns and bridges, too, have come a long way over recent years, latest porcelain enable them to be stronger and more natural looking. White fillings have replaced the old mercury ones making them indistinguishable from the tooth.

Dr. Theodora Skoura takes pride in saving teeth whenever possible and in giving her clients the confidence that goes with the fresh breath, strong gums, healthy teeth and a young and beautiful smile.

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